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The piping bag is an essential kitchen accessory for professionals and pastry enthusiasts and not only.
Our products are of the highest quality and entirely manufactured in Italy.

Standard piping bag

Disposable piping bag multi-layer polyethylene with exclusive anti-slip treatment outside, which gives a pleasant feeling to the touch and a greater flexibility. The smooth interior of these pastry bags facilitates leakage. They are  80 microns thick and sold in dispensers of 100 pieces.       

Piping bag with grip effect

Disposable piping bag in multilayer polyethylene, with non-slip surface outside to ensure a greater grip even with wet hands and smooth inside to allow the product to flow easily. These pastry bags have a thickness of 80 microns and are sold in rolls of 20 pieces.       

Disposable pre-cut piping bag

Disposable pre-cut piping bag made of transparent polyethylene and 80 Micron thick. .
They are packaged in packs of 100 pieces and available in differents sizes.

On request it is possible to customize the piping bag
and packaging using different logos and colours.
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